Mahindra Quanto Vs Maruti Swift Dzire – Comparing cars in the sub-4 m segment

With the establishment of a new sub-4 m segment, one can now get to choose from a sub-4 m sedan and a sub-4 m MUV. The cars in this article do not even belong to the same segment. But let us put them together and find how they fare with each other.

It appears that the size of a car no longer defines how comfortable and practical it can be – and this is exactly what Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki had set out to achieve.

Mahindra launched its first sub-four-meter vehicle in the form of Quanto in the last quarter of 2012. The Quanto is a compact version of the Xylo. As the SUV is less than four meters in length it gets an advantage on the excise duty subsidy which is allotted to the sub-four meter vehicles.


Launched first in 2008, the Dzire was originally the Swift with extra boot and rear passenger space. In 2012, Maruti reduced the length of the Dzire making its lesser than 4 meter with an intention to get excise duty benefits.

The Quanto is a 7-seater, although very tight for last two passengers. Five passengers can sit comfortably inside the Quanto; also with the two drop down seats, two extra passengers can fit in with ease. But the Quanto does offer more cabin space than the Dzire owing to the former’s greater height. The interiors of the Quanto are showcased in a gray color which looks dull when compared to the airy beige-gray dual tone interiors of the Dzire. The quality of plastics on the Quanto is a tad lower than the Dzire which has, wood inserts on front doors.

The Quanto has a 1.5 litre twin turbo-charged common rail diesel engine with three cylinders. It is able to generate 100 bhp of peak power along with 240 Nm of torque. The engine is mated with a five speed manual transmission that delivers a mileage of 13 to 17.21 kmpl. The acceleration produced and fuel efficiency is notable. A shift of speed from 0 to100 kmph in 16 to 17 seconds is quite reasonable for the Quanto.

The Maruti Swift Dzire 2012 has a petrol K 12 engine that is a four cylinder with sixteen valves with 87 bhp with 114 Nm of torque making it more powerful and more fuel efficient. The diesel variant is a D13A common rail injection technology with four cylinders that can belt outs 75 bhp at 114 Nm of torque. Also available with the Swift Dzire is an automatic transmission.

The Quanto is priced from Rs. 6.08 to 7.85 lakhs while the Dzire is priced from Rs. 4.85 to 7.32 lakhs.

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Attractive Car Ground Mats: Get Them In Your Automobile

The elegance is something that is shown through your sight. It delivers glow and sense of fulfillment in your sight. It is not the exterior elegance that always issues. One should give the same significance to inner elegance, which is most of the times not noticeable. The case is similar in automobiles. Everybody likes the exterior prettiness of the car, but nobody likes you or even will pay attention towards its inner elegance. There are so many things that promote this inner elegance. These things differ from internal lighting, chairs, leader and floor pads. People mostly wonder how floor pads can play a role in improving the exterior elegance of any vehicle. Let’s understand how the ground pads and car ships are significant for car internal.

Car Mats are developed to secure the ground of the vehicle from dirt, dirt, use and sodium deterioration. Producers provide them to keep the automobiles clean for lengthy. These pads are regarded as an crucial car equipment that does not always come with the car. You have to buy them from the companies working in car car parts and components. These experts generate this special car equipment by properly following Unique Equipment Producer (OEM) recommendations and guaranteeing manufacturer reliability and quality. Factors that are regarded vital during the production of car floor pads and ships are:

• Durability

• Smell Release

• Efficiency at various warm levels

• Anti-slip base side

• A back heel pad for added safety

• Deterioration proof

Car Mats are available in a range of materials that not only have adequate durability but also increase the internal appearance. These include of:

Cloth Mats: Fabric Mats are available in different shades. These are smooth and have a rubberized back which prevents falling. These pads are smooth, cleanable and highly absorbing which create them pleasant for stormy and dirty circumstances.

Rubber Mats: Rubber pads are identified for their sturdiness, but the disadvantage of these types of pads is that they cannot process h2o and mud like cloth pads.

All-Weather Mats: All-weather pads are permeable, and the converted ends put a stop to the h2o from dripping over the edges. Therefore, these pads are better than basic rubberized pads. These are most widely used floor mat type. Developer all-weather pads contain company images, ads or animated figures.

One will find worldwide and customized fit mat choices where the worldwide pads can fit into several vehicles. On the other hand, customized fit pads are created for a car brand and design. The features and requirements of these pads remain the same.

These pads are:

• Waterproof

• Mold and mold resistant

• Dirt and reduce resistant

• Long-lasting quality of carpet

• Come up non-skid rubberized backing

• Personalized in the way you want with different customized selection options

• Available in sets of 2 front side or 4 front side and back mats

• Available with Ancient Writing styles

• Available with the initialed or monogrammed of your name, name or favorite saying

Make sure that the car pads you are buying are developed to handle the sizzling warm and effects of sodium.

How to Decide on a Car Carpet

When it comes to the internal of your car, the rug is an essential but often neglected factor. Selecting the right color and design will convert the vehicle; eventually, it will figure out the experience and fashionability of the within of the car, and can create it a very enjoyable place to be sitting for a lengthy period.

Not only that, but rug is a very efficient part of the car’s internal too. Excellent automobile rug will avoid mold and mold from increasing in the cottage by rejecting wetness from passengers’ legs, and is developed to avoid the deterioration of common daily use.

So there are a few things to think about when looking at internal rug for your valued engine. Looking at colors, you’ll be ruined for option. Shades of black and greys are generally most well-known for common use because they won’t display dirt and dust as much as less heavy colors, but when looking for something a bit more magnificent you may want to opt for something red or bravo to coordinate a magnificent internal. Obviously this comes with the bargain of more frequent servicing and washing, but the right eye-catching color can create a globe of distinction in making your car look unique.

Another thing to consider with car rug is the components and development that goes into it. Some “universally absorbent” kind floor coverings are developed for rainier places, which will also be appropriate if you’re interested in the outside since it’ll attract away water and secure the car from leaks. On the other hand, there are general “universal carpets” which are pads developed to fit any automobile – usually these are at low costs made, but can be a budget-conscious way of defending the floorpan place of your car from common deterioration, though they’ll hardly ever coordinate the shapes of your automobile effectively.

Since floor coverings like this are exclusively weaved to snare dust and waste, it’s also essential to sustain your automobile rug effectively. Regular vacuum washing is a must to keep your rug in top situation, and how often you do this will eventually rely on how often you use your automobile (and how approximately the floor coverings are treated). Generally though, an excellent principle is to give your rug a once-over every one or two several weeks. This’ll avoid the rug from becoming completely broken and tarnished by ground-in dirt and dust, since all the reduce contaminants will be washed away.

So, what this all indicates is that there are choices for you to consider. What kind of rug you’ll end up using will really be identified by your specifications and individual flavor, and of course which automobile you’d like to fit the rug into! Provided that it’s effectively taken care of and washed, a well-chosen rug remedy for your car will look and execute extremely for a lengthy period.